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The Sinister Prime Minister

In Canadian politics, Uncategorized on January 18, 2010 at 1:05 pm

This just in from the Canadian Press department of “oh my god I’m going to puke”…

“In the space of a few days, Parliament Hill has morphed from being a symbol of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s high-handed contempt for democracy into an emblem of his compassion and concern for the people of Haiti.”

All stemming from this statement issued Friday by a Harper spokesman:
“To show solidarity with the people of Haiti, in a small yet special way, starting tonight the Parliament buildings will be illuminated in Haitian colours.”

HUH? What a rotting pile of bullshit that is! …and no I am not racist or cold hearted.

Coming out of the woodwork from all over Hell’s half acre, are experts to announce that Harper will be able to use the Haiti Crisis to stifle the social unrest that has been bubbling and brewing across Canada.

Like this one that tries to rip apart the letter sent out by a group of over 170 university professors from across Canada? In his article for The Ottawa Citizen, “The prorogation of Parliament is no threat to democracy”, Paul Benoit , starts out by saying that he disagrees on “at least 8 points” but ends with nothing more than a lame excuse, “The Parliament of Canada has been in gradual decline for decades.”

Naturally, Mr. Benoit qualifies his “expertise” by stating that he is “a former senior policy adviser to Canada’s minister of international trade (2006-’09)”

Of course, its all making more sense now that we know Mr. Paul Benoit is just another Harper spokesperson.

It doesn’t matter what anyone has to say, the bottom line is that the dirty deed of proroguing parliament without the customary vote or etiquette, has Harper in position to rule by decree.

To rule by decree, FYI, is the term used to describe actions of democratic governments that are perceived to unduly bypass parliamentarian or popular scrutiny. Isn’t that just what he is doing?

You bet it is! It’s going largely unnoticed too because of the dire circumstances. Every decision he has made over the last 2 weeks has been without consulting parliament. Since many of us didn’t vote Conservative and its a minority government, who’s representing me and my interests? What about the interests of my neighbors? Many of them voted against the Conservatives too, I know that because we have an NDP MP.

Who will argue that we shouldn’t send aid to Haiti after this terrible disaster has befallen them? Nobody, that’s who! To do so would be political suicide. Who wants to risk that?

I guess I will then.

If anyone can remember as far back as a week ago, Harper had been on and on about the emergent situation of our economy. Some estimates had Canada in an 86 billion dollar deficit. That’s an awful lot of money where I come from.

Here’s a question…

Where exactly did he get all this cash he’s been sending over to Haiti? Maybe it was his own personal funds, although somehow I doubt that.

Here’s another one…

Do all these heartwarming photos with Harper and Michaelle Jean mean that she won’t want to do what her new country of Canada wants most? Or more likely, will she be so indebted to Mr. Harper for helping her Haitian homeland that she won’t have the wherewithal to remove him from office when the time comes?


Will the voters of this country get suckered once again into thinking that Stephen Harper has the best interests of Canadians at heart? Into thinking that he’s a “good guy”?

What about 3 strikes and you’re out?

Sure, at the moment he’s making decisions that are helpful and sweet, but how long before he starts the conservative jerk face jerk machine back up? My guess is not very.