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Let’s Get This Straight

In Canadian politics on February 8, 2010 at 9:54 pm

The Chavez government did not criticize Canada…..Peter Kent.(sharp emphasis on the “t”)

What he said was he won’t take any “lessons from an ultra-right government that closed its parliament to avoid an investigation”. I have no problem with that. Right on the money.

I think he alluded to the Conservative’s lack of give a shit when it comes to human rights. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t it true anymore? Seems pretty accurate from where I sit.

Oh, you think we all fell for that bit of bullshit Harper said about suddenly caring about “poor women and children”. Ha ha ha ha. Lol.

Newsflash, nobody bought that.

What else was there? Right, something about a government that lets it’s First Nations live in poverty. Ouch. Bet that stings, eh?

What I found most interesting is Mr. Kent chose the same scripted pre-approved statement to describe Chavez that Mr. Braid used last week to describe Ignatieff. “Mr. ______ is calling into question the conduct of the brave women and men in the Canadian forces”.

It’s nice that they could re-use that line and it didn’t have to go to waste.

I will say that Peter Kent had a much better delivery than Peter Braid. That’s his years of TV news experience coming in handy right there. That’s what that is.

What Chavez said yesterday was a direct slap in the face to the Conservative Government. ie; Mr. Harper and his lackeys. Not me and my friends, so I’m fine with it.

Besides, you can’t blame this on Chavez. Like the rest of civilization, he was used to Canada’s reputation as a nice place with a reasonable government. He’s just pissy about the Harpercons. I am too.