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It’s Not Rocket Science Just Mark Your X

In Canadian Federal Election 2011, Canadian politics, Uncategorized on April 14, 2011 at 10:29 am

Kids, kids, kids….

When they told you at school that voting was a privilege, a right and your duty. You know, the way to have your say in how this country is run. They were actually not joking. It wasn’t an exaggeration or some fancy newspeak way of tricking you.

It’s great that lots of you have paid enough attention to be worried about the state of Canada. It’s even more great that you guys have bothered to speak out all over this vast internet via facebook and youtube. A+. Excellent. Good job making viral videos and this nifty website called Super pleased.

However; we have a serious problem. There is another movement going on that has gathered way too much steam. Boycott The Federal Election is a completely dumb idea (Dave, I mean you too even though you are totally NOT a kid anymore). Not voting because someone you have never met doesn’t think the way you do, is not going to be a very effective way of making them think your same kind of thoughts.

I will tell you a sneaky way to exchange ideas with other people that actually works. Try talking to them. Hell, it even works on people who are old and people who are rich. I’ve tried it many times and man is it ever cool. You can even use it on politicians.

Here are some general instructions:

Step 1. Using your GOOGLE machine, attempt to find the local contact info for a Canadian political party in your vicinity.

Step 2. If you happen to have a CELL PHONE or an ORDINARY PHONE, dial the number provided by GOOGLE. If someone answers the telephone, tell that person that you are interested in getting involved in politics and you would like to find out more about their party and what they stand for. Chances are that person will say GREAT!!! and proceed to start a conversation with you. If that conversation goes well, you might go to their geographical location to meet those people and see if you like them.

**helpful hint…if you go and meet those people and discover that you can’t stand them because they seem crazy; (and this can happen. Hey, it’s a risk you take whenever you put yourself out there) By all means, run away. Do not FREAK OUT. Simply repeat step 2.**

You should now be able to cast your ballot with confidence. Steps 3 – 5 are only for those who have extra time on their hands and/or feel that we could all benefit from their revolutionary ideas.

Step 3. Once you have discovered a group of people who seem somewhat reasonable to you, start hanging out with them. This will allow you the opportunity to spread your smart ideas and impress others with your wit and charm.

Step 4. Help out, get to know the candidates and then you will know who to vote for.

Step 5. If you still can’t bring yourself to vote for anyone, become a candidate yourself or if you get really desperate; start your own political party. That’s what Tommy Douglas did. How do you think we got The Green Party and The Pirate Party? No, it’s not easy, but it’s totally allowed.

As far as joining an existing party, shit, that’s super easy! They actually want you to! They will be all smiley and everything when you show up! They especially love it when smart young people show up at their office!

Put your money where your mouth is kids. Don’t leave politics to the losers and the wingnuts. If you care about how you live and how your neighbours live, go out and vote.

Never forget this; the wingnuts always vote and they always vote for other wingnuts.


Wave Bye Bye To The Nice People

In Canadian politics on March 25, 2011 at 7:33 pm

We’ve all heard the news. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has fallen.

5 years of absolute bullshit….

Contempt of Parliament. Historical and shocking. (maybe he’ll go to jail and he can play piano there…)

Vote of non confidence and they’re out.

It’s about time. and I LOVE that Fox News refered to Conservative MPs as “Harper’s underlings. Astounding.

Let’s go to the polls fuckers. Game on.

Surprise Left Hook From Ignatieff

In Canadian politics on January 6, 2010 at 7:19 pm

It seems like Santa was generous and brought Michael Ignatieff a big bag of guts for Christmas.

For his final performance of 2009, The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, blatantly spat in the eye of democracy and called the Governor General to request that Parliament be suspended until after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. By doing so, he has managed to make the proroguing of Parliament into a “routine” occurrence and prevented himself from being deposed for a second time!!!!!!!

barf barf barf

So, with the whole country outraged after Prime Minister Harper had the audacity to make that phone call, Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff made a few phone calls of his own yesterday.

According to the Toronto Star, Michael Ignatieff conferred with his 76 MPs (among others).

So now The Liberals, The NDP and The Bloc, have all agreed to ignore the bully and show up for work the day that Parliament was originally scheduled to resume. Hmmm, looks like everyone will be there except for Harper and his gang of Neo-Conservatives.

I for one am pointing my finger and saying, HA HA HA!

Mr. Ignatieff has made it clear that he has no intention of forming some sort of rogue Parliament (even though that would be perfectly understandable given the circumstances)
( Daddy said that it’s fitting for Ignatieff to be anti-rogue when Harper is so PRO-ROGUE! haha. get it?).
That would be rude and Canada, after all, is known for good manners.

Smacks of some Old Tymey Liberal Leadership to me.

In the meantime, Harper is stamping his feet because he doesn’t think it’s fair for the Liberals to hold an online contest challenging Canadians to come up with an automatic “out of office” reply for him while he’s away until March 3.

Try not to be so lame Stephen, contests are cool.

Maybe Harper will start to get the message that he answers to US and not the other way around. All this bullshit about not allowing his MPs to speak to the press, his mudslinging tactics and his refusal to answer questions has blown up in his face as it should.

He can’t just take his ball and go home because it’s not his ball; it’s ours.

Sucker Punch

In bitching, Canadian politics, Uncategorized on October 5, 2009 at 1:23 am

This guest appearance with Yo Yo Ma at the National Arts Center Gala on saturday night, has shown that Stephen Harper is no ordinary idiot. He is a savant. He nailed it and hit the Liberals and Canada with a surprise right hook.

I am reeling.

Just 1 short day after Michael Ignatieff’s beautifully executed motion of non-confidence in the Conservative’s failing government; BOOM RIGHT IN THE FACE and Harper pulls his ass completely out of the fire.

Believe me when I tell you that I’ve watched this video over and over wanting soooo badly to rip it to shreds, and there is NOTHING! It’s a great stunt. Great.

Stephen Harper must have some sort of deal with the Devil.

Dude please, you can be in the band if you’ll just give us back our country.

Dangerous Link Scares Prairie Housewife

In bitching, Canadian politics on September 30, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my blog stats and discovered that all the recent hits were from some conservative website that had posted a link to my yesterday Ignatieff blog. Well, just so we’re all on the same page here, I haven’t jumped the fence quite yet.
It is almost too easy to poke fun at the guy who has single handedly kept the v-neck sweater industry afloat for the past 5 years. I probably didn’t have to surf the official Conservative website for material, but I did and came away fullfilled.

I guess the Harper camp got a little freaked out by Ignatieff’s intimidating credentials. Who can blame them? After all, Ignatieff is a well educated, successful cosmopolite (that means citizen of the world, for all you youngsters out there who haven’t read Damon Runyon).

In some sort of weak effort to compete, the Conservatives have come up with a bunch of choice bits about Harper being smart too and a really good Canadian. I couldn’t stop laughing. Seriously.

Let’s do a comparison:

So where Ignatieff is a scholar who has authored 17 books, Harper has “a large library of Hockey books” and is working on a Hockey Book of his own. Then they throw in a point about him having attended the Brier and being an avid curling fan. Who gives a shit about literature when you’ve got hockey? Curling fans have long been praised for their rational insight into foreign policy.

Ignatieff taught at several prominent universities and Harper was on “Reach For The Top”.

Ignatieff has been a well known BBC personality and had his own London based show for the CBC, and Harper (and I’m quoting here)(I swear to God, I am not making this up) Harper “had his own paper routes in Leaside and Etobicoke”.

Harper is a Blue Rodeo fan and has a Fleetwood Mac album on vinyl. He also (quoting again) “participates in karaoke”.

Who voted for this guy? I want names. Canadians, I am deeply ashamed of you. Sure, he sends us a hundred bucks every month, but is it worth it? He also turned 24 Sussex Dr. into a foster home for baby kitties. and I hate cats, especially my cats. The orange one, mainly.