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No Experience Necessary

In Uncategorized on June 1, 2012 at 10:32 am

So today, I went to The Companies Office to register the business name.  I know, right?

The Companies Office is a branch of the Manitoba Provincial Government, in fact, the offices for the Legislative Assembly are on the same floor in the Woodsworth Building. 

I arrived fairly early and I was the first one there.  The sign said to take a number so I did.  It was 67.  Then I stood there waiting for the staff to notice me or acknowledge my presence in some way.  The 5 ladies at the counter were busy chatting, so I waited.   Soon, the blonde one asked me if I was there to register a business name.


She then asked me a couple more questions and said she would assist me. 


Then, a young girl, wearing jeans and a hoodie  walked over, totally ignored (the only client in the whole office) me, proceeded to interrupt and give shit to the nice lady who had been helping me.  This went on at length, causing my nice lady to turn her chair completely around to pay attention to this unqualified, uneducated, casually dressed supervisor of some sort. 

Since I had some unexpected free time, I counted how many people were sitting at desks and gathered around not getting any work done.  17 plus me.

I used the remainder of my time to stare this young lady down and fantasize about which of my former employers would fire her unceremoniously for this unprofessional behaviour.  Obviously, she had never worked anywhere else in her life.  She had certainly never worked in hospitality or retail.  I even had enough time to imagine how each one of my sisters would deal with her.  

When she finally went away, my nice helper lady had to excuse herself to write down all the instructions she had been given. Afterwards, I told the nice lady that I was shocked. I wasn’t really. This kind of stuff happens all the time here in Winnipeg. I also said I would have fired that girl instantly if I could have.

That was when realized that the supervisor girl must be a relative of someone important. Maybe even Greg Selinger’s daughter or something.

Rather than waste more of my time filing a formal complaint on this beautiful day, I think I’ll call Caroline over at Birks and tell her what a great job she does.


Gross Howard Johnson Location Finally Gets Shut Down

In bitching, Bullshit Winnipeg on November 27, 2009 at 4:01 pm


This place is a complete and utter dump! If you have ever had the chance to enter this hellhole, you know that I am not exaggerating.

The Howard Johnson on Ellice Ave in Winnipeg is one of the hotels routinely used to house the people who are flown in to the city from northern reserves for medical treatment. The entire bill is covered by the Government and includes the cost of the room and 3 room service meals a day. The times that I have been in there, the place was fairly full. Not a bad deal for the hotel owner.

I have visited guests there several times and there is no way to ignore the filth, grime and complete lack of giving a shit that goes on in that place.

First, you will see the 5 – 10 dish bins in the middle of the floor in the front lobby catching drips from the ceiling. Next, you will see 3 or 4 black garbage bags (full of course) in every corner of every hallway. The elevator smells disgusting and is really, really grimy and greasy.

Upstairs, you will notice the piled up dirty dishes and trays of rotting food outside of virtually every door. Beautiful…

Inside the room of the guest that I visited, every surface was covered in old food, dirty dishes and garbage. Before you come down on the guest, you should know that this person was blind and in a wheelchair. That’s right, in town for medical treatment. Also, this person’s door did not lock properly either and other random “guests” were wandering in and out at odd times.

Super Creepy.

I asked this person why the room was in such a state and I was informed that the hotel only offers once a week housekeeping.

Yes of course, get a government contract and eliminate the majority of your staff. Ch-Ching!

Well, at least the Health Inspector had the good sense to shut it down.

Monkey’s Paw?

In Bullshit Winnipeg, Uncategorized on October 7, 2009 at 2:22 pm

We got news yesterday and today that Canwest Global is entering into bankruptcy protection. The scheme will probably divy up ownership and control amongst the creditors. Which means……..that Global will no longer be a family run business. How did this tragedy occur?

Well, just because I have no insider knowledge of banking wizardry, doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. You know that I do, and here it comes.
According to Daddy; Izzy and Babs were/are very nice and very hardworking and deserving of all their lottery winnings. Daddy has alot of other interesting things to say too, but we’ll leave that out for now. We will say that Gail is a lovely girl who puts huge energy into all kinds of important philanthropy. We can also say that the 2 boys are well dressed with lovely wives and seem to take this empire running business very seriously.

So how do we answer the burning question?

Following this story and trying to make sense of this has been confusing, I know. Nerds all over the world are analyzing and speculating like crazy. It’s in every paper and on every news broadcast. If you pay too much attention to it, you will get dizzy and fall down.

Luckily, I have analyzed the analysis and I think I have the answer. Alliance Atlantis.

Right, the crumbling of Canwest Global is suspiciously linked to the downfall of another Canadian family run business with Winnipeg connections and that would be Seagrams. I suspect that Alliance Atlantis is an unlucky talisman just like in the story about the monkey’s paw.

When Edgar Bronfman Jr. took the helm, Seagrams branched out exponentially just like Global has done over that last few years under Leonard and David Asper. I’m not saying that growing the company was wrong or bad, not at all. Both Seagrams and Global benefitted from that growth at first and for a while it seemed like there was no stopping them.

And then…
Edgar Bronfman Jr. bought Alliance Atlantis which seemed like a fabulous and exciting idea at first. Shortly afterwards, Bronfman wound up with no more family empire and a reputation in tatters.

Last year, Canwest Global also aquired Alliance Atlantis and now it looks like they too are on the verge of collapse. Any good psychic should be able to tell you that this looks like more than mere coincidence. Hmmmmm.