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How I Saved 15 Bucks At The Calgary Airport

In bitching, Calgary on November 25, 2009 at 1:15 pm

If you’ve taken an airplane anywhere in the last 6 or 7 years, then you know all about the new security measures. I remember the first time I saw airport security confiscating all the make-up, lotion and lighters from unsuspecting travelers and throwing it all into huge rubbermaid bins. Pretty funny.

Shortly after that fiasco, someone decided that it would be just as secure to give everyone a ziplock bag instead. I think those must be some special bombproof ziplocks, right?

So this time, I was very careful to safely store all of my girly products in the ziplock bag as instructed. I made sure all my pockets were empty, and went through.

Excuse me, is this your purse?


We need to search it.

Awesome. Delayed because I had stupidly placed the ziplock security bag inside the purse.

On the way back, I was extremely careful not to make that mistake again. I de-packed my purse and emptied my pockets and made sure to leave the ziplock bag near the purse, but not in the purse.

Security was backed up for miles and my carry on items were really starting to weigh me down and I was getting crankier by the second.

Finally, my turn.

I put my purse and ziplock bag in the tray with my other bag beside it and started to walk through the beepy thing.

Remove your jacket.

Why? I don’t want to and my pockets are empty.


I took off my jacket and jammed it into the tray. I walked through the whatever machine and I beeped. Shit.

Have a seat.


We need your shoes.


They x-ray my shoes and perform a thorough search of my socks. All the while, I am being mocked by the 2 guys behind me. Great. Totally humiliating, but just hurry up and get it over with.

And then…

Excuse me, is this your purse?


We need to search it.

Good Lord, why this time? I was so careful!!!

What’s this?

It’s my purse screwdriver. I need it in case something gets broken. Duh.

They took it. Whatever, let’s just go.

Now I am in a shitty mood and my shoulder hurts from holding these stupid bags for too long.

As I meander along, I see the coolest thing ever. A bag that squishes up super small, but when you unfold it, it’s nice and big, but not too big, and it has pop out wheels. Only 15 bucks. Mint!

Excuse me, what does this one look like opened up?

Nodding her head, she says yes, grinning from ear to ear and not understanding a word of English. Then she wanders off.

Um, OK. That’s fine. I probably don’t really need it that bad anyway. I’ll just carry this stuff.