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See Ya; Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya

In bitching, Canadian politics, Manitoba Liberals on March 6, 2012 at 2:07 pm

Today marks the day that Harry Wolbert and Sandra Hoskins received some kind of punishment for their damaging behaviour toward my precious Manitoba Liberal Party. Finally, Harry and Sandra were slapped with 10 month suspensions. Good. It’s about time.

Both of these characters thought it wise to call the press and make public statements against the Leader and against other party members on a pretty regular basis. Their latest escapade through the pages of the newspaper, focused on yakking out loud about the details of a confidential party meeting. Neither one of these two can manage a short statement to a reporter without demanding that Gerrard step down as leader. And then what? The Manitoba Liberals will elect one of them as the new Leader? Ha! Not bloody likely.

Keep in mind that these two are allowed the same privileges as anyone else at meetings. They are given a chance to speak and make their case. Afterward, if everyone else promptly disagrees with them, its on to the next topic. As it goes. This would all be fine if they would accept that, but they won’t. They have both convinced themselves that somehow, nobody in attendance understood them. That must be it. Because no one is as smart as they are. Yes. Frustrating. I think they both imagine if only more people could hear what they had to say, so many would be enlightened that Harry and/or Sandra would be held up as shining new beacons of hope for society. People would flock to join the Manitoba Liberal Party and rally around one or the other as the chosen one. And we’d all live happily ever after.

I can understand it. Sure. I love when everyone agrees with me. It’s a great feeling. A real confidence booster. It sucks when I think I have a fantastic idea and someone else thinks its totally insane. The difference is, I don’t phone up the newspaper about it.

During the 2011 Manitoba Provincial Election, both Sandra and Harry were candidates. Sandra ran her campaign mostly on facebook and directed a significant amount of time at arguing with other Liberals. Harry, thought his best chance for a win was to make public statements against the Liberal Leader and offer to take the leadership himself. Wrong and wrong. Not only did they damage their own campaigns, they did significant damage to the Liberal campaign overall. They put zero thought into how their bullshit might affect some others who were campaigning against the opposition. They didn’t realize that all the Manitoba Liberals were sharing one lifejacket, when they poked a big hole in an already leaky dinghy.

Allowing this sort of thing and these sort of people to play such a key role in managing the party has driven many Liberals away. It is disheartening for more sensible party members to continually have to read about this crap in the paper and when people become disheartened they lose hope and stop coming around. At the moment, I know more disillusioned and prodigal Liberals than active Liberals in Manitoba.

The 2011 election result gives The Manitoba Liberal a chance to rebuild themselves into whatever they want. Step one is to admit that we are judged by the company we keep.