Say it Don’t Spray it

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A handy guide for social distancing during the COVID 19 pandemic so you can avoid getting it or giving it to others.

We all need to do our part to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. If you don’t believe that yet, please click this link. If you are already convinced, then read on to learn all the ways this virus is spread so you can be careful and do your best to avoid getting it.

The predictions are dire for all of us. Scientists are saying they expect 60% of the world’s population will contract COVID-19 and at least 45 million people will die

Hospitals do not have room to treat 60% of the population at the same time. If the numbers keep increasing at the rate they are now, the death toll will be much, much higher in just a few short weeks. We all need to do our best to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Covid-19 is super contagious. The list of ways it can spread is ever-growing. Scientists all over the world are working on this. Countless doctors and nurses around the world treating patients with COVID-19 in hospitals everywhere. New information is hitting the internet at an unprecedented rate. I’ve gathered what we know so far to save weeks of catching up for you.

This is how it spreads:

Coughing – someone who has the virus coughs and an invisible droplet of their saliva lands on you, or lands on something that you touch. Like your clothes, a doorknob, an Interac pin pad, a can of soup, a pole on the subway or bus or streetcar, a toy, anything.

Sneezing – someone who has the virus sneezes and an invisible droplet of their saliva lands on you, or lands on something that you touch. Like your car door handle, an elevator button, a door, a piece of paper, a shopping cart, literally anything.

Touching other people – Stay 6 feet away from each other. Touching doesn’t always mean reaching out with your hand and poking someone with your finger. Maybe you brushed past some asshole on the street who wouldn’t move to one side because he thinks he’s more important than you and you shouldn’t be using what he considers to be his personal sidewalk. Maybe, that guy has the virus and doesn’t even know it because he’s one of the lucky ones with no symptoms.

Touching a surface that someone with the virus has touched before you got there. Although, there is new evidence that the virus can be tucked inside a single live skin cell that falls off of someone who walks by and that virus can stay active for days.

Strands of hair that get left behind. Let’s pretend you didn’t cancel that hair appointment. At the salon, there is generally lots of hair on the floor from previous clients. Yes, it all gets swept up over and over again, but it’s there. You see it. COVID-19 can live on a strand of hair and the person who touches that hair is at risk of catching the virus. Yep. It might be you as a client, but more likely, it will be you or someone like you who passes the virus to your hairdresser.

Breathing. Yes, some scientists are saying they have seen evidence that COVID-19 is airborne and can stay in the air for up to 3 hours.

download-1     Not many of us walk around with a microscope in our purse to check every surface before we lean on it or touch it. So to be on the safe side, practise social distancing.

Stand six feet or 2 meters away from the person nearest you in line, on the bus, at the mall, at the food court. Maybe just wait for the next elevator.

Don’t touch anything! Super hard to do. that would mean you couldn’t open the door or press the elevator button or anything. Wash your hands as soon as you can. Wash them with soap and for a good 20 seconds or so. Sing a song if you must.

Don’t let anything or anyone touch you when you are out of your home. It’s another tough one. Guaranteed some jerk will brush past you on the sidewalk. change your clothes and wash, wash, wash.

Wipe things down whenever you can. If you have a pack of disinfectant wipes, then use them. Wipe your doorknob, your doorbell, your car door handles, anything you think needs it. Wipe off the things you pick up at the store too.

Don’t visit your friends. Don’t visit your family. No playdates, no dating, no coffee klatch’s, no book club, no kickboxing class, nothing. You don’t have to cut them off entirely. Call them, text them, facetime, whatever. Just not in person.

You could be one of those who have the COVID-19, don’t realize it and are infecting other people. If you are lucky and get the virus and don’t get sick, as you walk around and touch things, you shed tiny skin cells, maybe a strand of hair or you sneeze. Whatever you do, you are leaving invisible DNA molecules behind on bus seats, doorknobs, shopping bags, a package you pick up at a store and then put back, a glass your drink came in, anything.

Scientists tell us that live virus cells are in these invisible, tiny DNA bits everywhere and that the virus somehow manages to stay alive up to 6 days to infect the next unsuspecting person who comes along after you. That unsuspecting person may just be the one who gets the full wrath of this virus/immune response lottery.

What are the symptoms? Fever, a dry cough and difficulty breathing are the big ones that health authorities are looking for. There are less serious symptoms like headache and sore throat, but so far those people are not being given tests.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 2.16.13 PM


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