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Out Of The Frying Pan

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baby come back...

Last week, I wrote the Harpergate blog and the thing is, every word in it is 100% true and accurate. I did not have to exaggerate one tiny bit, even though the list seems ludicrous. (All the red words are links to the sources). Worse is that there are many, many more examples of Harper’s bad behaviour. Like, I didn’t even get into the whole Copenhagen fiasco, and Chavez hadn’t given him what for yet. In fact, there are so many that I would’ve had to make it into more of a book if I were to get it all in.

So many more crazy incidents have been recorded since that fateful Harpergate blog, and it’s only been a week! Christ Almighty! How much more can we take??

Yesterday, I saw with my very own eyes, a video of a protest in Downtown Vancouver on the CBC. The video showed the usual signs and goretex jackets that Vancouverites are so famous for. Couple of bullhorns and about a dozen bored looking cops standing around. All in all, nothing too thrilling.

Yet somehow, Dimitri Soudas, the Conservative “spin doctor”, if he can even be called that considering most of what he writes is pure fiction, translated that scene into “Day Of Terror”.

Wow, that’s some imagination! He should go to Hollywood, I’m sure he can get work writing for the movies.

By the way, Daddy was in downtown Vancouver yesterday, so I asked him about the “Day of Terror” and he laughed his head off for about ten minutes. There you have it. “Day Of Terror”.

Is Harper that big of a sissy? A dozen city police and however many RCs he has in tow, and he couldn’t get out of the car? What a suck. My kid walked to school alone everyday, without police protection, knowing full well, that the neighborhood bully would be lying in wait to kick the shit out of him enroute. He was only ten, and he never once whined. He toughed it out til his mom found out and put a stop to it. Is that what Stevie boy is hoping for? His Mommy? We’ve never had a Prime Minister of Canada that was too chickenshit to go out and answer to his people. Will wonders never cease…

Today, I waited patiently for Harper to address the BC legislature because
A) rallies had been planned to greet him
and B) There had been some rumours about Harper possibly being questioned about federal matters.

I watched the sugary sweet monologue performed in its entirety. BLeeeCH

It wasn’t easy to take notes between gagging and giggling, but I did. Lucky thing too! Yikes!

Let’s combine one or two of the more memorable quotes from todays words of “wisdom” with another Harper quote from today’s news, shall we?

The speech to the BC legislature was peppered with “That Canada; Our Canada”. Included were some Dubya-like phrases that I thought he must’ve thrown in for quotability. “Necessary security” was one really weird thing he said.

“Creating the yesterdays we shall cherish tommorow”; barf “trying to touch a star for a brief shining moment” and barf.

Then he rattled off a list of unlikely patriots which included a variety of Canadians like security guards and police. I wrote this little gem down; “Our Armed Forces spread our gifts of democracy and freedom” abroad and in Afghanistan. Alotta talk about enforcement. Gotta say, I found it a bit odd considering he was supposedly talking about the Olympics and gold medals and whatnot.

I found it odd that is, until I read this story about France and the U.S. who are angry at Iran:
“Harper said Canada will support its allies on the issue.” Remember, Harper has referred to Iran as “evil” in the not so distant past.

What does that mean? Is he trying to act tough? I sure hope not. When weaklings start acting tough they always freak out and take it too far.

Can we please get this guy out of our office before it’s too late? Cuz it sure sounds like he’s up to something really stupid.

  1. Your blog always make me smile, especially when you are angry. Very difficult to be funny and angry at the same time but I must say you are a wizard!

  2. jeez I was correct. I won’t back down again.
    The pirogi’s are all cleaned off the plate, and the dialogue has ceased. Not even the topics which were so fundamental, to be debated in parliament are on the pages and in the words.
    It is sad.

    • I know; my computer became broken (severely) and has to be replaced so that I can resume the blogging for you and the rest of the world to enjoy. Hopefully, this will occur rather soon.

  3. 2010 Canada’s year

    I received this mailing from the post today, “Canada’s Economic Action Plan”. “Making 2010 ‘Canada’s Year'”
    “Canada is positioned to lead all G7 countries out of the economic recession.”
    The Government is committed to staying the course towards economic recovery.

    Harper the new UN welfare czar is going to lead Canada out of the economic recession. Now what this does not say is which direction he will be taking us out of recession, is it into depression.

    What am I getting to, it all sounds benign on the surface, but if you read the text as written, and place within context.
    It says exactly what it says.
    Economic recovery.
    The government continues to make policy which gives away our national wealth, and continues to take from Canadians.
    We had the late year visit from Charles and his Camel. Was that to insure things were in place for the ceremonial hand over of Canada to the crown, to be announced in 2010.
    What it says to me, is we here in Canada are the first to fall, creating the wall at the north of North America.

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