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Welcome Back Khadr? Harper Says No Way

In Canadian politics on February 5, 2010 at 9:35 pm

there are lots of photos but i couldn't stand to look at them

I can’t believe that I actually have to write about this issue.

We have all heard the name Omar Khadr off and on for the last few years, but I wonder if many of us have connected all the dots in this story. Allow me to do that now.

Omar Khadr is a Canadian citizen. Really, that should be all we need to know about him, but there is more.

It shouldn’t matter which country or who did it. His rights have been violated, period. The supreme court of Canada ruled this week that his constitutional rights have been violated while he was in another country. That should mean Foreign Affairs will demand his instant return to Canada. End of story. If it were me or my kid, you’re goddam right I’d expect action. I’d be screaming my head off about it and so would you.

Under the Harper regime, nothing is that simple anymore, is it? All joking aside, Stephen Harper and his lapdog Dimitri Soudas are the biggest douchebags ever. AARRRGGGGG They both completely suck.

Just so you don’t all jump down my throat at once, I include Dimitri Soudas because he is the official spokesman, and when I saw him on the news regarding this issue I just wanted to slap him so badly. Mr. Soudas repeatedly said that the government will not ask that Mr. Khadr be returned because blah blah blah blah blabbidy blah. And so forth.

Let’s clear up a few things here, shall we?

Omar Khadr was fifteen years old at that time. A kid.

He is charged with murder as a war crime and terrorism. Let’s entertain that possibility for a second. If this happened in Canada, he would be protected by the young offenders act. What’s that mean? Well, for one thing he would have been in and out of a youth detention center in two shakes of a lambs tail.

During a raid by the American Army, Omar Khadr had a house fall on top of him, got stepped on by the American GI who found him, he was blinded and then shot twice in the back. That is the summary of his “capture”. He arrived in at Guantanamo Bay in critical condition. They hung him by his wrists anyway. Then they shone LCD lights in his eyes for awhile. That my friends, is the tip of the iceberg, there’s a whole lot more, I just can’t bear to get into it.

Reporters have been calling it torture. Where I come from, we sometimes call that child abuse.

The poor guy has been there for seven years. He’s a grown up now. He’s also the last westerner left there. Everyone else has been brought home by their countries. I have little doubt that he is right fucked by this time and will never be alright. He’ll need years of therapy at the very least. His lawsuit asks for ten million. I should hope so! It should come out of Harper’s personal bank account if you ask me.

Incidentally, guess who the Supreme Court of Canada says violated his constitutional rights? A Canadian government official. Proud to be Canadian now?

  1. FANTASTIC post! Hope you’re posting it to the FB group for Khadr! (I’ll check) It should be sent all over the net, blogs, etc. etc!! And the story of Omar all just fits perfectly with the HarperCon draconian attitudes – “tough” on Crime, Torture (!) Hearings, mandatory sentencing, build more prisons, etc. etc.! AND they’re all born-again Evangelical Christians – which to me is just the utterly most bizarre cognitive dissonance of all!

  2. Are you fucking kidding me??? He isn’t a Canadian, he is a fucking terrorist!! He went there to kill people, he sure in the hell wasn’t defending Canada or Canadians. He went there to blow people up………..he lost all his rights as far as I’m concerned and I don’t wanna see another of my tax dollars wasted on this piece of shit!

    • The Harper government has already spent over $13 million to stomp on this young man’s constitutional rights. Canada is a country with laws, a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, not ruled by raving idiots who can’t express themselves in decent language or by a political party which cannot shed its racism. The Supreme Court has clearly told the government that it has violated Omar Khadr’s rights. Every day that the harper government continues to violate Khadr’s constituational rights will add to the compensation that will have to be paid – our tax dollars!!!

    • Debbie…why. Harper will lose my vote

    • Debbie…why are you a twit. Harper will lose my vote!!!

    • to debbie: if u were born omar, or denny, or whatever your boy name would be, and you went anywhere to do terrorism or kill an individual,you would have your reasons. Even if you were a girl, but not debbie, maybe helen or Cat. maybe canadian tax money would send you to blown up stuff and be awful. Or maybe you’d have your own seperate beef with something or other, and follow its demise off of Earth, die trying etc. But no. You’re Debbie. You dont have to understand omar or denny or even me. and you dont have to believe in them. But, may you find yourself completely alone, debbie, is my wish for you.

      • to eightfour……..In what universe would Canadian tax payers give me money to go blow something up??? If I went anywhere to do Terrorism I would have my reasons? WTF? My only beef is we let people like you into Canada!!!! You leave your shit country and come to Canada cause it’s/was great here and then you fucks bitch that we say “Merry Christmas” and your all trying to change Canada into the shit country you left to come here! Go back to your own damn Country and kill each other off so I don’t have to deal with your crap!
        @ April——–I think he lost your vote long ago!!
        I have a son, he isn’t being raised to be a suicide bomber, he is being raised to realize you don’t need to kill ppl cause they don’t believe in your God/allah……whatever the hell you believe in.

  3. Sorry – this is not a Canadian citizen. This is a man raised in a family of terrorists, raised to hate Canada. You’ve pointed out that if this crime were committed in our country he would be tried under YCJA. Well, guess what? He broke the law in Afghanistan – and I don’t care if he was hung by the wrists or not, he should be held accountable. Our tax dollars simply cannot be wasted on this piece of human filth. I know the whole schtick of your blog is to hate Harper – but I think he is bang on the money by not demanding this scum be returned to our country. We don’t need him and he will not be missed.

  4. L.L.Having not lived Khadr’s life we have no frame of reference, so our opinion means little as does anyone that writes in here. As a pacifist I am not impressed by his actions and am not that concerned what happens to him in general. I am concerned that the conservative government does not know the way law is to be respected. He is a Canadian no matter what you think, the law says he is and till it is changed there is not a damn thing you or Harper can do about it. Not enforcing his rights, not respecting his Canadian status is criminal, but then since this government seems to think it is above the law why am I not surprise. A true Conservative government (not this reform conservative bastardization) would seek to change the law that entitles him to be Canadian that I could understand, not this lazy political game the Cons are playing. This government is not capable of doing anything so they do nothing and blame it on everyone else.

    The problem with this lazy way of doing things is that it means that the law and government is marginal only the opinions of the ruling power matter. Canada’s motto is “Peace, Order and Good Government” The conservatives have given us none of the above.

  5. excellent but you missed a point he was a child when thrown in guantanmo bay. This is ultra serious

  6. Fair point by Billl — perhaps the government could look for better solutions rather than taking the “lazy” route, but how do you strip citizenship from somebody who was born in Canada?

    He was born and raised to be a terrorist. He will always be a terrorist. I do not want him in my country because no good can come of it. He does not deserve to be a Canadian, protected by Canadian laws. Unfortunately, he is a Canadian, and it is technically the correct thing to do to repatriate him so that he can be coddled in our forgiving system, and protected so that he can recover and grow strong and kill again.

  7. And because we believe in the rule of law we must bring him here for trial. Unless we change our laws to prevent it because that is the way it works. That said we can’t change any laws during prorogation.

  8. A baby raised to hate, hates a country raised to love , loves. A child whom was abused, abuses. We are a country who knows right from wrong. We know we need to do right. Bring the man child home and teach him what he has done is wrong. Show him and the world how to love.

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