Harpergate? You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

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Is there some kind of checklist that Harper is working from? Like I mean a list of dirty deeds used by political nutjobs of history? Are you picking up what I’m laying down? Are you?

What I’m seeing in my minds eye is a list something like this:

_ gag the mediacheck
(Hitler did that, as did Peron, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin and a few others)
_ break the government coffers and get rid of social programscheck
(Stalin, can’t say who else, am I right?)
_ prorogue parliament got that done
(King Charles, Oliver Cromwell)
_ stifle the intelligentsiaalways
(again, Hitler, Stalin etc etc)
_ plant newspaper stories to discredit enemiesyou bet
(Pinochet, Doc Duvalier and every other despot since forever including many Ancient Emperors)
_ use your control of the media to freak out the citizens uh huh
(Marcos, Baby Doc, his dad and a lot of their friends)
_ de-legalize abortionworkin on it
_ establish racial dominanceseriously trying?
(I can’t even get into it)
_ use propaganda to make yourself seem like a herocheck
(Attila The Hun, The Crusaders,the entire Eastern Block during the cold war)
_ ignore all protestsdone
(Chairman Mao, am I right?)
_ entertain the masses with your musical “genius” while you lay waste to the kingdomcheck, check and check
(Emperor Nero)
_ vilify whistleblowers yep
(this has always been popular amongst dictators of every ilk)
_ get rid of those pesky “rights” and “freedoms” that always get in the way check
(Ceauşescu et all)
_ hire some goons to break into an office to steal information before it gets outcheck and check
(Um hello; that was Nixon. There was a book AND a movie)

What’s next? Same thing we do every night; try to take over the world !

It’s probably good to remember that a lot of the guys who made regular use of these tricks of the trade, with the exception of Brain; were either exiled or executed (sometimes both) at some point, but they were all able to carry on for a good long time first.


  1. Thanks, and I’ll add you to my blogroll too (which I’m about to post!)

    Good job! Love the Pinky and the Brain.

  2. One down one to go.
    Maybe Canada can at last be ruled by the rightful government.
    We the people.

  3. Sorry David Canada’s Parliamentary Democracy isn’t (as you know most governements aren’t) a fully “We the people.” democracy. Such does not entirely work well, just look south. We the people like to own guns, we the people like to hate other people there are certain limits to liberty even for the masses. It has been argued that the hatred of the Jews was a socially accepted concept in prewar Germany. You might want to read “Hitler’s Willing Executioners” (1996) by American writer Daniel Goldhagen. Though like most history majors I don’t entirely follow the thesis that the pursecution of the Jews was hardwired into German society it does show that if given the one man one vote kind of democracy the Jews would still have had trouble in 1930-40s Germany. I will pass on the “we the people” kind of demacracy. We elect those we think will best govern us I am not convinced that government by the masses s a good idea as masses turn into mobs.

  4. wow… so like a list of what Cretian did then eh? but with Cretian you can also add to the list… choking civilians.

    • Chretien (proper spelling) was a mug at times…I’ll admit it. Not everyone that criticizes Harper is an automatic and uncritical Liberal-loving bonehead. But Harper is over the top in so many disturbing ways. Remember the original concerns way back when he was first elected? People everywhere were saying, “I hope he doesn’t get a majority, because I don’t trust his real agenda.”
      Guess what, Canada, Harper hasn’t bothered to wait for a Majority…his “real agenda” is as plain as day. If democratic institutions are in the way…run them over. If anyone disagrees respectfully with your ideas…kill them with silence (for now). Give the media great shots of the back of your head. Disparage the opposition and manipulate the issues always with a focus on the lowest common denominator. Gag your cabinet members and place them on puppet strings while you’re at it. Nullify the Bureaucracy using PMO and PCO….Mr. Harper, your “real agenda” is more than obvious to all of us. It’s time for you to go home.

  5. We the people as the US model also eloquently demonstrates does
    not work for the same reason our left right two party ideal does not.
    Both systems purport to represent the people but neither does,
    they only show a slick ad campaign and put front men up that
    appeal to a target audience so that you buy their crap. The agenda is what they tell us it is, not what we tell them it is.
    Top down, not bottom up.
    Pearson is a good example, you hold up as honorable because he
    received a peace prize, but you gloss over completely his war
    record and the facts that initiated the conflict in the Suez in
    the first place, as well as who actually dissolved the conflict
    and how it was dissolved. His idea of peace keepers are a police
    force with big guns, and their record is out there if you care to
    see their atrocities.
    As for Hitler, you fail to recognize the how of his ability to
    get to power. The Treaty of Versailles, to which the Germans had
    been part of the negotiations and the ten other parties had
    agreed to before it’s signing. Only to have the three big powers
    Britain, France, and the US, made changes in their interest,
    forcing Germany to pay for the whole war, at the same time taking
    away their rights to production. Hitlers record of genocide is
    more then the killing of Jews, they are the poster child of his
    action, but so many more were rounded up based on race, religion,
    disability or sexuality and sent to his death camps.
    If we the people continue to be chickens with our heads stuck in
    the sand, then I the individual is not able to exist.

  6. “entertain the masses with your musical “genius” while you lay waste to the kingdom- check, check and check”

    ahh.. an oh so timely link for you.

  7. I can’t help but wonder if people actually know anything about proroguing or if they are maybe hearing something completely different when they hear it being spoken about. I certainly see a lot of drooling over it, just as people drool over that wonderful Ukrainian treat, the pirogi.

  8. Dave let’s not even take the first step down that path. You know good and goddam well, that I do know about proroguing. The other thing that I am good at that you are not, is staying on topic.

  9. Once again you have chosen not to read what I have written and instead read between the lines making up your own interpretation.
    I am on topic “Canada”, every thing I have started with is a point to your topic, and all further comments are to defend myself from people pointing fingers at me calling me a neo con or some delusional dope smoker.
    I don’t know the last time I smoked dope and I am not a conservative, in fact my politic is liberal, but not the hand out type professed by the party of that name. I am completely against the European modeled idea of legally binding racial definitions and the created limitations of rights for specific minorities handed down by these same magically enlightened and supposedly rational Europeans.
    I’m not willing to follow down the path of “the increasingly ineffective elite, colonial and anti-intellectuals, incapable of knowing how to believe in Canada and Canadians”

  10. SUCH a useful list, girl. Thanks so much. Have been sharing & will keep doing so. Also printed a hard copy – we need this list – there’s just SO much to remember about what the man has done…wrong.

  11. IntelligenTsia.


    Good column

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