“King” Stephen and The Alberta Runaround

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Once upon a time, there was an ordinary boy. His name was Stephen. He did not like to be ordinary. He thought that it would be much more fun to be a king. As he grew older, Stephen began to realize, as many children do, that his dream of becoming king may not ever come true.

You see, the country that he lived in already had a Queen. Even though the Queen was very old and might die at any time, Stephen was not a prince and therefore, he was not in line for the throne. Not being in line for the throne meant that he could never be king.

“That’s not fair!”, he cried.

Even though he was very upset, Stephen knew that it was the way his world worked.

Just like all children in his country, Stephen went to school and read many books about the world. All of the books told him the same thing; he could never be king. But Stephen didn’t care, he wanted to be king anyway.

When he got a little older, Stephen studied at The Calgary School. The Calgary School, developed something called “The Alberta Runaround”. Now, The Alberta Runaround is a very specialized and effective style of manipulation. When used properly, it can be almost guaranteed that you will get what you want and look good at the same time. It is based on bullying and uses 3 main principles; triangulation, scapegoating and stalling.

Triangulation is a mind game that works just like a triangle. Simply explained, you befriend 2 people and pit them against each other. This drives a wedge between them and in the end, you are seen as the hero by both just before you screw them over. They never see it coming. You can find very good examples of this used in TV reality shows, such as Survivor and Rock of Love.

Scapegoating is a good thing to try if you want to influence a whole group. In case of trouble, there must always be some poor sucker to blame. Preferably someone kinda powerless who can’t easily resist.

Causing a lengthy delay for no good reason, is often referred to as stalling. Stalling is a terrific way of jamming up your enemies or your friends, depending on the situation.

Should you get desperate, then you can rely on a little something called JFDI. That stands for Just F*#*ing Do It. This almost always works, because we all know that it’s easier to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission.

Oh, how Stephen loved The Calgary School because a lot of other children there wanted to be kings too. They were just like him! How nice!

There was a magical being at The Calgary School, sort of like a fairy godmother, but not, called Tom Flanagan.

Mr. Flanagan taught Stephen that besides having a Queen, the government in their country also had a Prime Minister. Prime Minister certainly seemed like a wonderful thing to be and a lot like being a king. Best of all, anyone could become Prime Minister, even if they were just ordinary.

Stephen said “Please Mr. Flanagan, tell me how to become Prime Minister.”

Mr. Flanagan liked Stephen, so he told him to join a political party and try using The Alberta Runaround. Stephen did as he was told and got on to the business of convincing a lot of people to vote for him in the election. Many, many others agreed with Stephen’s ideas so he became the leader of his political party. Once he became the leader, Stephen still had to win another election and then, only then, could he become Prime Minister.

Stephen knew that this would be a very difficult task indeed, because his political party was only popular in one part of the country.

Again, Stephen asked Tom Flanagan what he should do. Mr. Flanagan told Stephen that The Alberta Runaround works everywhere, not just in Alberta. This made Stephen very happy indeed, because he had been practicing, and he was getting quite good at it.

Stephen was able to use The Alberta Runaround to take over another, much more respected political party and steal their name. Once he had done that, he became Prime Minister quite handily.

Now, being the Prime Minister was lots of fun, but Stephen had not forgotten that he really wanted to be king.

So, he told Mr. Flanagan that he still wanted to be king. Well, as you can imagine that would be a near impossible achievement in a country that already had a Queen.

Mr. Flanagan thought about this question for some time. Finally, he knew that the only way for Stephen to become king was to change the philosophy of the citizens using The Alberta Runaround on the whole country for a very long time.

With that, Stephen prorogued parliament and used JFDI to take power.

That’s how Stephen Harper used The Alberta Runaround to become King of Canada and nobody was allowed to live happily ever after.

  1. Lets take harper down and bring back Jean Chretien!!!

  2. That makes a lot more sense than letting Iggy, the power hungry zealot, into power

  3. Just check into who the Iggy has as school chums and fellow alumni. It’s the who’s who of back stabbing elitist fraudsters and war mongers.
    From Harvard
    Bibi Netanyahu
    David Rockefeller
    Felipe Calderon
    Henry Kissenger
    Barney Frank
    Ken Lay
    Sec Chertoff
    Sec Paulson
    Justice Breyer, Kennedy, Renquist, Roberts.
    The Unibomber
    George W Bush
    Mike Bloomberg
    Jeff Scilling
    Janet Reno
    Madeline Albright
    David Frum
    Eliot Cohen
    William Kristol
    to name but a few.
    Talk about collusion, this is on a grand scale and it needs to be stopped.

  4. And a few from Oxford
    Lester B. Pearson (he saw that canadians were capable of advanced thinking and so dismantled their enterprise and shipped all the best brains away)
    Bill Clinton
    Rupert Murdock
    Margret Thatcher
    Tony Blair
    Solomon Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka created the Tamil conflict)
    John Wesley (Methodism founder)
    Again the list goes on.
    I forgot Al oh my god the sky is falling Gore from Harvard.
    Dick Cheney although not from either school is a methodist

  5. I’ll take a prairie raised boy to any of these shysters any day, and I’ll support him with the dismantling of the monarchy rule over Canada. An elected king, sure beats the hell out of the those who think they are entitled to rule over others by birthright.

  6. Thanks David for pointing out that Ignatieff is in Very good company. It is interesting to note that those you label as “back stabbing elitist fraudsters and war mongers” (with the exception of a few) most people see as heros and great men. I guess you have to be a prairie raised boy to understand this logic. That said were you being sarcastic (one would hope) if so pardon my ignorance.

  7. I hate to be the one to break it to you; but Stephen Harper is NOT a prairie boy. He’s a rich kid from Toronto and he only moved to Alberta to attend university and take a job with one of the big oil companies.

  8. …besides, let’s not start judging anyone based on who their friends are just yet.

  9. You’re right associates aside the judgement needs to be based on what the person has done and the longer Harper prorogues parliament the less he does. This makes the judgement easy. As for Ignatief just read his CV. I would hire him. If you would not hire him because he’s educated then you should start rethinking how you judge people. Having evaluated enough CV’s I can safely say I have never said “nah I’m not going to hire him he went to university let’s go for the guy with the diploma from St Pauls elementary school.” 🙂 Or better yet “I won’t hire him as a political analyst he has only written books on politics lets hire the guy writing the book on Hockey.”

  10. An interesting aside – Harper is writing a book on hockey, and Don Cherry thinks he’s qualified to spout off on politics. This just proves Canada is one screwed up place.

  11. Excuse me, great men. Holy shit what the hell are you on. Are you living on the same planet I am. Earth. There is not a great thing done amongst any of these Men and Women. These two schools combined have placed more of these men and women in positions of power then any others. I’d take a look at their record of genocide and fraud before I elevate them to greatness.
    What is great about Ken Lay and Jeffery Skilling – oh they were able to steal billions through the corruption of Enron, now they are in prison
    David Frum – a good Canadian, George W economic adviser, sure did a good job, did you happen to be asleep in the last couple of years, did you miss the orchestrated economic collapse.
    Paulson and Bearnake – orchestrated the theft of billions from the US citizens to line the pockets of their buddies at Goldman Saks and the like.
    William Kristol – someday he will be vindicated when they find those weapons of mass destruction.
    Eliot Cohen – another champion of war.
    I’m not sure what you think is so great about killing other human beings on this planet. Innocent human beings, fellow citizens of this earth.
    Yeah I won’t judge by who Iggy’s friends are, I will judge him by the dribble that comes out of his mouth.
    “there should be more active involvement and larger scale deployment of land forces by Western nations in future conflicts in the developing world”
    prominent supporter of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq
    “I supported an administration whose intentions I didn’t trust,” he averred, “believing that the consequences would repay the gamble. Now I realize that intentions do shape consequences.” It’s only lives of people, he doesn’t know them and they live far away, so it’s OK to gamble with those lives so he can get ahead.

  12. David – The problem with your list is it includes a number of names of people that like them or not thought they were doing good or in some cases were doing good. Your criteria for calling them elitist fraudsters and war mongers seems to be based on the fact that they have the distinct disadvantage to be so rich or powerful as to be the ones that can actually impact global economies. Guilt by association is also no crime.

    For example Henry Kissenger the real power behind Nixon’s foreign policy that actually lead to detent, and was that such a bad idea? Using the China Card arguably prevented world war III.
    Obama trying to bring in medicare and fix GWB’s messed up war (albeit too slowly). Mayor Bloomberg donated and/or pledged to charity $138 million in 2004, $144 million in 2005, $165 million in 2006, and $205 million in 2007, making him the seventh largest individual contributor to philanthropy in the United States for 2007. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu Well Israel is not innocent (and Likud is not the best party) but neither is Canada (and the conservatives that believe that torture is Okay as long as we can get others to do it for us) the US or any nation. Barney Frank the second openly gay member of the House of Representatives described as “one of the brightest and most energetic defenders of civil rights issues.” how is he a fraudster
    Lester B. Pearson (you say “he saw that Canadians were capable of advanced thinking and so dismantled their enterprise and shipped all the best brains away.”) I think you have the Wrong Prime Minister that was Diefenbaker My Grandfather worked for Avro when Diefenbaker scrapped the Avro Arrow (had squat to do with Pearson.) Pearson was the guy that though up peace keeping rather than peace making. Look to see who’s name is on the agreement to enter NATO (the real reason behind scrpping the Arrow and the shipping of Avro scientists to NASA.) It wasn’t Pearson. Bill Clinton the guy that goes around the world fixing foreign policy problems (albeit in a very American way) The fact that he could not keep his whatever in his shorts really shouldn’t be anybodies business but him and Hilary. Al Gore – 16 of the worlds most prominent science association sent a letter to the Senate stating that AGW was the biggest threat to mankind Gore is just a pundit of something that a fringe minority does not agree with.. Madeline Albright the first woman to become a United States Secretary of State. Secretary Paulson does have a bit to answer for but is it his economics policy or the fact that Paulson has said he is a strong believer in the effect of human activity on global warming and advocates immediate action to decrease this effect. that you don’t agree with. Bernanke has much to answer for but from his personal life and actions I think he is more misguided than criminal. I have friends at Yale the place isn’t some big conspiracy to take over the world. Also if you’re one of those that thinks that Skull and bones is a Republican breeding ground to control world politics then why was John Kerry in it? As for Ignatieff I concur he tends to waffle but all in all he puts people first unlike Harper who believes what is good for business is good for the people. Though I hate the policy it is good for business to export jobs to nations that pay less, it is morally wrong but good for the bottom line. Who do you really think would protect Canadian jobs if he was CEO of a major Company? I know it would not be Harper, he has made that obvious by firing watchdogs.
    That said I will give you Lay, Skilling, Frum, Cohen and Kristol, they all sucked.

  13. BTW I don’t think “your on something” just because I disagree with you. What is interesting is that you seem to think that your judgement of all these politicians is self evident. My question is if this is true why did they get elected? Were all the elections fixed? The truth is just because you do not agree with the politics of a person does not make him or her a fraudsters and war monger. The fact that they were with a few exceptions elected means that a large number of people thought they weren’t fraudsters and war mongers. The indignation that anyone would see these folks as great men and women is thus lost on me and obviously all those on planet earth that voted for them. Thus can I return the question, what planet are you on?

  14. David – I just did some quick research on you specifically. No I am not a stalker I just like to know who I am talking with. You have a very unique perspective on things and are admitedly far more pacifistic than I. So I see how you might see most of these persons as war mongers, though I don’t agree.

  15. Ditto to the above Bill. Although not very thorough, I too like to know my opposition.
    My perspective is unique, I have the privilege of travel and I get to meet people of all lands as equals to myself, without any agenda to the meetings. I have found so much more consensus and similarities between ourselves as human beings then opposing differences. I have not found animosity amongst us, on a capitalist level, where each man is respected for his capacity to provide something of value for something of value. I do find however, when you move beyond the realm of equals the animosity starts and it’s not enough to have your personal worth , you also want the next persons as well. This goes for individuals toward each other as well as towards nations at all costs. That is why I view the invasion of other countries as war mongering. There is no negotiation only exploitation.
    Now this will take a bit of time, but I will demonstrate to you the strength of my conviction and resolve to expose the corruption and collusion of those listed in the role call I have presented.
    Here is an a note about the Arrow program
    The St. Laurent government had serious misgivings about continuing the Arrow program, and planned to discuss its termination after the 1957 election based on the 1957 British White Paper on Defense.
    The decision of the Conservatives to scrap the Corporate welfare program of which the Arrow was a part, was based on the Liberal misgivings and also influenced by the finances of the country (as provided by an internal report to the St. Laurent government in early 1957, warning that a recession was coming.
    (A quotation from Diefenbaker’s two plus hour speech before the house.
    “Across the way, Mr. Speaker, sit the purveyors of gloom who would endeavour for political purposes, to panic the Canadian people … They had a warning … Did they tell us that? No. Mr. Speaker, why did they not reveal this? Why did they not act when the House was sitting in January, February, March, and April? They had the information … You concealed the facts, that is what you did.”)
    Pearson had moved for an amendment to supply, and called, not for an election, but for the Progressive Conservatives to resign and immediately surrender power to the Liberals. Pearson stated that the condition of the economy required “a Government pledged to implement Liberal policies”, The policy of lies the Liberals perpetrated against the Canadian Public.
    The conservatives negotiated the use of the Bomarc missile program of which the talks were initiated under the previous Liberal Government, but the Liberals under Pearson agreed to them being armed with a nuclear payload.
    So like it or not Diefenbaker pulled the plug, but Pearson and the Liberals provided the drain which the program was flushed down.

  16. Indeed how do they get elected. Amazing what control over the media can do for your public image.
    Ask Rupert Murdock , and maybe even Bloomberg how the influence of the two of the largest media empires might create influence.
    These media empires paid with advertising dollars that sell all sorts of pollutants and poisons as good wholesome nutrition, and necessary to carry out god’s work.

  17. The problem however with the bomarc missile is two fold one they are useless as intercepts as they were intended without a nuclear warhead it was not until the patriots were introduced that a viable intercept missile was possible unless there was a big bang on the end of the stick so to speak.. And secondly most people today don’t know or Care that Diefenbaker was lying when he said we did not have nukes in Canada. when he made this speech on no nukes on the Bomarcs there were nukes stored at Cold Lake.

  18. You might not find sourcing for the info I just gave as one part was from a relative. the other part is from Palmiro campagna’s book Storms of Controversy which is well worth reading but full of alternatives an a bit conspiracy theory based.

  19. Why would Trudeau make such an issue of it as a journalist against the Liberal policy of the time.
    Anyway I’ll check it out further.
    Ogdensburg Agreement
    The Permanent Joint Board on Defense was established by Canada and the United States on August 17, 1940 by joint announcement of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King at Ogdensburg, New York as the senior advisory body on continental military defense of North America.
    With both Canada and the United States recognizing this threat, preliminary military discussions began in July 1940. On August 18, Roosevelt and King met in the border town of Ogdensburg, New York. Roosevelt outlined his plan to create a joint board to oversee the defense of both nations, not just for the duration of the current crisis, but as a permanent body. King immediately agreed, and the Permanent Joint Board on Defense was created.
    However, Canadians, and most notably former Conservative prime minister Arthur Meighen was furious – he argued that by signing this agreement, Canada was not only abandoning Britain but was effectively placing itself under the control of the United States.
    Initially, it was argued that Ogdensburg Agreement involved Canada abandoning Britain in favour of the United States on matters of defense. However, the creation the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949 (which linked Canada and the United States into a collective security agreement with Britain and Western Europe) helped to alleviate these concerns. I guess that would be Kings signature on the NATO documents.

    I keep getting distracted by this stuff when what I am after is something entirely different. Although I am finding the dismantling of sovereignty has been going on for a long time. “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” an ambitious vision of a new community by 2010 with specific recommendations on how to achieve it.
    I am trying to expose, if to know one but myself, the tie between the dismantling of our productive economy, and the pocket lining of those of no productive value, (by that I mean ones who have not created a business that provides something of value for something of value)through the agreements of free trade and the North American Union agreement.
    With so many of the individuals involved coming out of Harvard I can only establish a connection of collusion.
    The task force that created the framework for the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” all have a vested financial interest in this union, and there interest extends to their cronies from school.
    The task force includes:

    WILLIAM F. WELD is Principal at Leeds Weld & Co., a private equity investment firm in New York – Harvard

    JEFFREY J. SCHOTT is Senior Fellow at the Institute for International Economics. He was formerly an official of the U.S. Treasury and U.S. trade negotiator – John Hopkins – Pederson institute

    LUIS RUBIO is President of the Centro de Investigacion Para el Desarrollo-Center of Research for Development (CIDAC) Planning Director of Citibank in Mexico and served as an adviser to Mexico’s Secretary of the Treasury – Pederson institute

    ANDRES ROZENTAL is President of the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales Ambassador-at-Large and Special Envoy for President Vicente Fox. – In April 2007 he was appointed a Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. Ambassador Rozental is also a Governor of Canada’s International Development Research Center (IDRC) and serves on the International Advisory Board of the Center for International Governance Initiative in Waterloo, Ontario

    ROBERT A. PASTOR is called the Father of a North American Union (NAU) – Harvard

    BEATRIZ PAREDES serves as President of the Fundacion Colosio
    THOMAS M.T. NILES is Vice Chairman of the United States Council for International Business (USCIB) – Harvard

    DORIS M. MEISSNER is Senior Fellow at the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Council on Foreign Relations

    DAVID McD. MANN former Vice Chairman and former President and CEO of Emera Inc member of the Advisory Council for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Chair of the Institute of Corporate Directors

    JOHN P. MANLEY President and CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives – US Council on Foreign Relations

    CHAPPELL H. LAWSON Director of Inter-American Affairs on the National Security Council – Stanford

    JAMES R. JONES is CEO of Manatt Jones Global Strategies Chairman of Meridian International and the World Affairs Councils of America board member of Anheuser-Busch, Grupo Modelo, Keyspan Energy Corporation, and the Kaiser Family Foundation


    GARY C. HUFBAUER was Director of Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Trade and Investment Policy of the US Treasury, Senior Fellow at the Institute of International Economics

    CARLA A. HILLS Stanford University, Oxford University,Yale University, one of the founders of the Forum for International Policy where she’s a trustee serves on international advisory boards for American International Group(AIG), the Coca-Cola Company, Gilead Sciences, Inc., J.P. Morgan Chase and Rolls Royce primary U.S. negotiator of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) marriedto Roderick M. Hills Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission between 1975 and 1977

    CARLOS HEREDIA researcher at The Centro de InvestigaciĂłn y Docencia EconĂłmicas, member of the Advisory Council for the Woodrow Wilson International Center

    ALLAN GOTLIEB member of the Carlyle Group’s Canadian advisory board, and chairman of the Canadian Group of the Trilateral Commission – Oxford – Harvard


    RAMON ALBERTO GARZA, founder and CEO of Indigo Media Luxury Marketing Agency

    RAFAEL FERNANDEZ DE CASTRO – Woodrow Wilson International Center

    RICHARD A. FALKENRATH September 1993 until December 2000, Falkenrath worked at the Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

    WENDY K. DOBSON has served as President of the C.D. Howe Institute – Princton – Harvard


    ALFONSO DE ANGOITA is Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Finance Committee of Grupo Televisa chairman of the telecommunications giant Teléfonos de Mexico

    THOMAS P. D’AQUINOIS is Chief Executive of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives member of the 2005 Council on Foreign Relations board of directors Manulife Financial

    NELSON W. CUNNINGHAM is Managing Partner of Kissinger McLarty Associates

    HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch Vice President – Investment Management Division Goldman Sachs, Inc was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan

    THOMAS S. AXWORTHY Fellow at the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy School of Government, before being appointed as the visiting Mackenzie King Chair of Canadian Studies at Harvard University

    PEDRO ASPE is CEO of Protego, a leading investment banking advisory firm in Mexico member of the board of the American International Group (AIG), McGraw-Hill and its subsidiary Standard & Poor’s

    Brookings institute, Wilson institute
    1917, President Woodrow Wilson appointed Brookings to the War Industries Board, and later named him chairman of its Price Fixing Committee

    Peterson Institute for International Economics
    The institute chairman is the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and former United States Secretary of Commerce, Peter G. Peterson. Vice chairman is United Technologies Corporation Chairman, George David.

    Other prominent members of the institute’s board of directors include:

    Chen Yuan, Governor of the China Development Bank;
    Jessica Einhorn, Dean of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies;
    Mohamed A. El-Erian, Co-CEO and Co-CIO, PIMCO;
    Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Bank of Israel;
    Jacob A. Frenkel, Vice-Chairman of American International Group and former Governor of the Bank of Israel;
    Timothy F. Geithner, President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York;
    Maurice R. Greenberg, former CEO of American International Group;
    Carla A. Hills, Chairman, Hills & Company; former United States Trade Representative; former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; former Assistant Attorney General of the United States;

    Harold McGraw III, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, The McGraw-Hill Companies;
    Mario Monti, former European Commissioner;
    Paul O’Neill, former United States Secretary of the Treasury;
    David O’Reilly, Chairman of Chevron Corp.;
    David Rockefeller, former chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank;
    Renato Ruggiero, former Director-General of the World Trade Organization;
    Edward W. Scott, cofounder of BEA Systems;
    Lawrence Summers, former United States Secretary of the Treasury;
    Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank;
    Laura D’Andrea Tyson, former Chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors;
    Marina v.N. Whitman, Professor of Business Administration and Public Policy at the Ross School of Business;
    Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico.

    Michael Bloomberg – Innovative Market Systems a market terminal and ancillary products including Bloomberg Tradebook. Followed by Bloomberg Messaging Service, and the Bloomberg newswire.
    Now when you control information, you can give out information to a marketplace which sends that market in one direction while you the provider of the information can play the other direction. Goldman Sachs did this masterfully by telling clients to bet one way in the market, and then betting against them. With Bloomberg’s marketing innovations and the help of a controlled treasury providing low interest rates to these investment firms, and the banks giving savers next to zero interest on their capital. The speculative casino market was created. The workers of the productive economy were coherenced into giving their money to this scheme under the guise of 401k and rrsp as a vehicle to retirement savings. The investment banks then used this money to line their pockets with fees and to leverage it into further gains, not for the subscribers to these vehicles but for their own profit. The inevitable failure of the system effected not the leveraged investment banks but the subscribers to the scheme and the economy as a whole. The profiteers, walked away protected by the public purse and continue to line their pockets while the public as a whole foots the bill, and tries to recover from the devastation.

    Now Barney Frank, he just happened to be in the mix, further reading has shown he is a good guy, my guess is he didn’t or wasn’t allowed to network with the rest of the good old boys. I may come across one or two others in my list not tainted, but I don’t hold much hope.

  20. I guess I’ll start to post on my own blog.

  21. Oh I should just read the blog and not comment like the rest of the puppets. That’s the blinding ignorance that has created the erosion of rights and freedoms.
    Liberal – a person who favors an economic theory of laissez-faire and self regulating markets (capitalism)
    Liberal – given or giving freely

  22. […] Harper out of the country, it’s the perfect time for victims of his Alberta Runaround to join forces and give him a dose of his own […]

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