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Joe Clark; Where Are You?

In Canadian politics, Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 at 2:14 pm

As Stephen Pants-On-Fire Harper uses the Conservative Party name to tear Canada apart at the seams, I am waiting for Joe Clark to step into the ring. When the Reform Alliance stole the Conservative name in 2004, Joe Clark gained new respect from many of us by walking away.

You have to admit, it was pretty shocking.

When asked about the coming election at that time, Joe had said better “the devil we know”. Meaning, he’d rather vote for Paul Martin and the Liberals, than risk the future of Canada on an untrustworthy man with questionable ties.


Couldn’t have been more right about that. The last year alone, which Harper has labeled a “success” (too funny), Canadians have seen unprecedented abuses of power by him and his officials. If you even know just a little bit about Canadian politics, that’s fairly incredible. I mean we did suffer under a decade of Mulroney government. Hell, the Trudeau years were no picnic here in the west!

Clark later refused to back off and suck it up, unlike one Mr. Brian Sissy-Boy Mulroney, who did just that when he smiled for the camera at a dinner with Mr. Harper some time later.

Gutsy. Very Canadian of you Sir.

So, the Right Honorable Joe Clark has not bowed down to Mr. Harper. Impressive, yes. Is that perhaps the explanation for this perfectly timed piece of news that talks about secret deals between Joe Clark and President Carter?

Isn’t this just another instance of the pot calling the kettle black?

Seriously, it has become common knowledge that tantrumy “King” Stephen insists on controlling the press in Canada. These days, all statements and questions are filtered through the Office of the Prime Minister.

Smooth move Steve, but we still don’t like you and we don’t have to listen to you or your bullshit. By the way, we aren’t going to let the prorogation issue die, so forget it.

To come forward against Harper now, Joe Clark will have to risk being discredited over some 30 year old CIA conspiracy. Nerves of steel will definitely be required.

That being said, where are you Sir? Your country needs you. Canada needs you to come forward and speak out against the Conservative Reform Alliance (Party), one more time.

  1. I’m all for Joe “who” Clark as the challenge to King Harper but not for the reason you might think. Joe is 71 years old the average life span of a Canadian male is 75, so in 4 years we would be looking for a replacement anyhow. No vague promises (thank you Stevie)to break on fixed terms 🙂

  2. You are right on the money as usual.I always felt that Joe Clark was much too good a person to be involved with the Conservative/Reform types.To a man,they have proven to be about one thing:the elimination of the middle class in order to increase the personal wealth of themselves and their cronies at any cost.Joe Clark never seemed to have a personal agenda in that way,and seemed genuinely concerned with the plight of the working poor in Canada.Which is no doubt why he was knifed in the back and shoved aside for the likes of Mulroney and the various Reformers.I’ve often wondered what might have happened if Mr. Clark had crossed the floor.A Liberal party led by Joe Clark?It might have flown…….

  3. Actually,on sober second thought,I’d have to include Inky Mark as one of the few honest,hardworking&genuine members to ever sit on the Conservative side of the house.It’s an example of the exception that proves the rule,I guess,seeing that he came to the house as a Reformer.

  4. I would like to see Joe Clark come out with a statement on this, but I can understand you he might not want to get into this mess. You also said that Harper wants to control the press, I would go further that that. Harper’s group of trolls have been attacking the media and I believe it is just the beginning. Just as they attacked the Arts, then Science, then Education and professors, and finally our Canadian Democracy I believe they will continue to attack our media with every intention of censoring what our media reports.

  5. Joe Who ?

    If you want an opinion ask Preston Manning. Unlike Joe ?, at least Preston Manning is a creative thinker.

  6. Much as I have more respect for Mr Manning than Stephen Harper I don’t think I could stand to listen to his squeaky voice on a regular basis again the last time around was painful to the ears.

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