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Canada Rises Up Against A Would Be “King”

In Canadian politics, Uncategorized on January 23, 2010 at 6:16 pm

This morning on CBC, Harper said that he was far too busy dealing with “life and death” issues to pay any attention to the rallies going on across the country today. Uh huh.

63 cities held rallies almost simultaneously and all of them were to protest HIM!

Ha! Looks like Canadians are none too pleased with Harper proroguing parliament and crowning himself a one man government.

After all the build up, it felt great to see Canadians put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. All the rallies had good turnouts. Smaller centers had hundreds, but the big cities had thousands of protesters. Toronto had over 12,000 people, 3500 in Ottawa, 1000 in Halifax, another 1500 in Victoria and so on and so on. 200 -300 people picketed outside Stephen Harper’s constituency office in Calgary! Hell, even here in Winnipeg there were close to 500 marching in the wet snow.

Today, January 23, 2010 was the day Canadians rose up together across this great land to speak out against the man who would be “King”.

Wow. I have to say that I have never seen such a thing happen in Canada in my lifetime. I don’t think there has been a public outcry this big since the General Strike, and that was almost 100 years ago. Way to go Canada!

Now the questions remaining; will Mr. Harper get the message? Will it sink in?

More importantly, what is the message? Well, my friends, it is this…

Excuse me Mr. Harper; but get the hell out of our office!

  1. There was actually a huge march through the streets of downtown Toronto last May, but needless to say the mainstream media wasn’t to keen on reporting too much about it. I however wrote a post about it and uploaded a video with my pictures (the ones I got before my camera lens broke anyways) from the day. 🙂

    The estimated count at the Freedom Festival was upwards of 25 000 people and it was quite the experience. I’m glad that all the CAPP’ers got to take part in a similar day of action, it feels good to stand up for what you believe in. I hope Steve-o got the message loud and clear today, Canadians value our democracy and don’t take kindly to being disregarded. I was very proud to see all of the rallies across not just Canada, but the world, today. It really made me feel hopeful.

  2. You must have missed the Quebec rally during the last sepratiste crisis.

    12000 in Toronto,more attend a putrid Maple Leaf game

  3. You didn’t have to live in Quebec to demonstrate against the single biggest threat to the confederation.

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