Slight Twist In The Case Of The Sinister Prime Minister

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As I weed through all the lame news stories, I can’t help but notice that they almost all insist on downplaying the grassroots anti – prorogation movement in Canada. That’s right folks, it’s all about Haiti.

Either nobody in the big time media wants to talk about the amount of power Stephen Harper has taken for himself, or they just don’t understand that he has very sneakily, done just that.

Taken power.

Let’s just have that soak in for a minute.

Taken power away from the other elected officials. Taken power away from the people.

Keep in mind that 2 weeks ago, this guy was just another yahoo politician; I can’t even bring myself to say the actual word for what he has become now. (Holy shit. When you really think about that, it’s pretty goddam scary.)

Since I found myself desperate for any scrap about it in the news last night, I focused a little bit more than I normally would. Sad, but true.

So, as I was watching this thing on CBC about the big tragedy and whatnot, bodies, aid workers, yada yada…. mass graves and then the CBC guy very briefly mentions the rebuilding strategy. They announce in 1 sentence that Harper, Bush et all have decide that they will not really rebuild, since Haiti was just a bunch of crappie slums anyway.

Instead they plan to start from scratch and give Haiti a “brand new viable economy”. Then they show a close up of a mango and say something about how Haiti grows really good mangoes and wouldn’t it be nice to capitalize on that.

There you have it. The real reason for all this “aid” … you got it, we’re taking over.

That’s why it looks so much like an invasion! It is one!

Now I’m getting it! Let’s see if we can get Chiquita in there to start a Mango Republic. SWEET!

Hey, they are the ones who did such a fantastic job in Central America, are they not? They do have the experience.

Citizen Harper wants a little piece of that action…..

Well the timing couldn’t be better! There he is, all alone in Ottawa; ruling by decree; no pesky opposition to get on his nerves and the only person in the whole country able to shut him down just happens to be from Haiti, and now she owes him an epic favor. He can do whatever he wants!

Ya gotta love it!

  1. See what we’re doing about it at

  2. Dont care enough about your country to march on a weekday eh?

  3. With the Pentagon in charge of the US ‘relief effort’ (ie: controlling the airport / flow of aid), how can this truly be a *humanitarian* effort? This is a military operation, and the poor people of Haiti are going to be punished for living next door to the neighbourhood bully, once again!

    Great post!

  4. Usually I am anti-American imperialism but let’s face it here they are doing some good. so jahscii yes this is an humanitarian effort. That said I think the Canadian conservatives should stop capitalising on a global effort they still prorogued parliament.

  5. I think we should promote the idea of Haiti Becoming the next Canadian Province after all our head of state (the GG) is from Haiti.

  6. @billarends: I respectfully disagree. Establishing firm control over Haiti’s resources and people – and more importantly, strategic proximity to Venezuela – are, IMO, the real reasons the US *MILITARY* are involved. Yes, some short-term good is coming out of the US presence, but at what long-term cost?

  7. Okay? Haiti imports hundreds of millions more than it exports the only resources they have are coffee and sisal(rope)and Puerto Rico (Which America OWNS) is as close if not closer than Haiti is to Venezuela. In case you missed it Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas. Puerto Rico already has a HUGE US military presence in accomdations in Haiti they don’t even have buildings to house themselves anymore let alone a military presence. The US is in an economic crisis they are over extended beyond belief the only reason they are in Haiti is because it makes them look good (I’m not convinced of thier altruism) but the likelihood of them wanting or being able to sustain a presence there for long is very slim. Obama would be signing his impeachment orders if he tried to make the situation permanent. jahscii take off you foil conspiracy hat the trapped heat is starting to cook your brain.

  8. So, when the OP stated that the US Government is planning on ‘rebuilding’ the Haitian economy ‘from scratch’, you’re convinced that they’re going to do this, and then what? Walk away with a warm, fuzzy feeling? You claim that the ‘only reason’ the US is undertaking this multi-billion dollar, multi-year effort is to ‘look good’, attempt to rationalize your perspective by stating that you question ‘thier [sic] altruism’, but then go no further with this line of reasoning.

    By questioning their altruism, are you not implying (albeit tepidly) that the US has ulterior motives in Haiti? Is this not exactly what I’m arguing?

    Yes, Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas… but why? It was certainly not by choice, but by design. Specifically, a century of interventionist policies on the part of the US, and other Colonial forces. To what end you may ask? Exactly what I stated: control over their resources, people, and of course, military strategy. This is no conspiracy.

    By your logic, we should all view this current situation in isolation of historical context and ignore precedents set by the US themselves in similar situations because somehow *this* time is different. But what do you base this on, and why?

    Military Super Powers like the U.S. of A do not engage in big, expensive ‘look good’ PR campaigns without an incentive. It is also widely understood that economic warfare is the means by which Military Super Powers exert pressure on an intended target population without ever having to fire a bullet. Recall the decade of sanctions imposed on the *people* of Iraq, and the misinformation campaign (intended to make the US ‘look good’) that preceded the illegal US invasion!

    Is the situation in Haiti not another facet of the US imperialist machine?

    To think that the US does not have long-term military goals in mind when they undertake operations like this, or that military expansionism is isolated from economic warfare is naïve.

    I invite you to do some research of your own and look into how the US Military used the ‘opportunity’ of the 2004 Tsunami to reactivate, establish, or expand their presence throughout the region under the domestic cover of “US relief efforts” that were described as an ‘insulting pittance…when compared proportionately to that of other, less wealthy countries”

    [SOURCES: Jane’s Foreign Report (Jane’s Defence), February 15, 2005, Title: “U.S. Turns Tsunami into Military Strategy,” The Irish Times, February 8, 2005, Title: “U.S. Has Used Tsunami to Boost Aims in Stricken Area,” Author: Rahul Bedi; Inter Press Service, January, 18 2005, Title: “Bush Uses Tsunami Aid to Regain Foothold in Indonesia,” Author: Jim Lobe]

    There’s no conspiracy here, only misinformed people.

    And secondly…

    “jahscii take off you [sic] foil conspiracy hat the trapped heat is starting to cook your brain.”

    Just to be clear, that was completely unnecessary and quite rude. So please, Mr. Arends, in the future when someone attempts to respectfully engage you in conversation, don’t go hurling insults – it really does nothing to bolster your argument, nor does it garner any additional fans for your blog.

    Good day to you.

  9. Jahscii it is not an insult I seriously think you are paranoid, the type CSIS should have a file on. And I personally don’t care if you read my blog. I wouldn’t “respectfully engage you in conversation.” It isn’t worth my time. when some one starts throwing around names like the “US imperialist machine” even lefties like me go running.

  10. Jahscii I wrote the comment last night when I was feeling like crap and in a really bad mood now I would like to take the time to apologize. Your entitled to your opinion no matter what I or anyone else thinks of it. Let’s just say from my perspective your concept of the US is more sinister then they really are. That is not to say they don’t have bad motives at times, but at other times they have good motives. That is also not to say they won’t capitalize on the situation. And as for the comment on fans for my blog, I’m not looking for fans. I’m not that egotistical. I write it because I enjoy doing so. That said if I did use insults regularly which I don’t I would have more readership that is why Glen Beck and Howard Stern and the like are popular.

  11. My Dear Confused Bill,

    Intellectually lazy people such as yourself pose a far greater threat to our society than folks like me who express an unpopular opinion AND have documented evidence to back it up!

    A self-proclaimed “leftie” who meekly exonerates American Imperialism because it’s under the guise of humanitarian relief efforts? Seriously? Then you demonstrate your ignorance even further by suggesting I be placed on a CSIS watch list…lmfao… for WHAT!? Voicing an opinion you don’t agree with, or one that makes you uncomfortable? Sounds more fascist than “leftie” to me, Bill.

    And of course you consider a civil discussion with me a ‘waste of [your] time’, it’s far easier for you to label me a ‘paranoid’, feign insight with some wikipedia-grade BS about Haitian imports, then sidestep any challenge to your position through obfuscation and insults – what a “them” thing to do, Bill.

    I understand though, really, how else can you avoid being exposed for the fraudulent blow hard you truly are in front of your ‘audience’. It must be tiresome to maintain the thin veneer of intellect you’ve carefully constructed on your blog, Bill.

    Don’t forget, Bill, *you* called me out by name in *your* post, I was merely responding to *you*. I even provided you with an opportunity to respond with some class – *after* insulting me!

    You’ve already demonstrated to us all that you’re in way over your head with this one, Bill… but, by all means, please continue… the longer you linger with this pathetic song and dance the further you demonstrate you never had anything intelligent to say on the matter in the first place.

    I sincerely hope our paths cross again, this was fun!

    Hugs and Kisses!


  12. ROFL… i should have reloaded the page before posting..

    Honestly, Bill… I’d be a bit more careful about who you shoot whilst firing from the hip next time. I’m always up for an argument, and I can be pretty brutal (even if I don’t know you from dirt)… I take back my harsh words on account of your apology, and I extend to you my own.

    Holy fucking bromance.

  13. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

    Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂

  14. Speaking of twist why do you think the twisted “C” Con logo looks the way it does? Is it in fact a piece of Reform party DNA that carries forward a policy of twisting our democratic institutions beyond recognition in order to impose their ideology? Cons=Twisters

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