Canada Fights The Power

In Canadian politics on January 16, 2010 at 11:54 pm

Oh Canada, *sigh*…

Famous the world over for fair play and common decency, Canadians will put up with a lot from their political leaders. It’s true, we won’t try to deny it.

Generally, regardless of who gets elected, the people of Canada will embrace or at least tolerate, their Prime Minister. All we ask is that you follow the spirit of the rules as best you can.

Sure, it’s been known to raise an eyebrow or two if you show obvious favoritism in securing outrageously big loans for a friend, but as soon as you can explain that the friend in question is your neighbor, all is forgiven. The guy was his neighbor! What choice did he have?

Someone may ask a few questions about a Prime Minister throttling a bystander – but once it becomes clear that the guy startled you in a crowd, Canada is once again, very understanding and right back on your team.

Got elected even though you are a square? No problem, get a few photos with Rick Mercer! Canada LOVES Rick Mercer! Oh, you know Rick, well….then…

Screwed up a couple things in parliament? Not to worry, just get yourself overheard telling the Americans to f@#* O%$, Canadians will stand behind you 100%. Don’t worry, we got your back.

Accidentally caused a 50 billion dollar deficit? Oopsies… That’s OK buddy, could’ve happened to anyone.

Violate the spirit of fairness by sidestepping protocol and proroguing parliament? Nope. Sorry man, that’s a deal breaker.

Stephen Harper thought that after his stunning performance with Yo Yo Ma last October, he was untouchable. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

With mumblings of social unrest throughout the land, a young man named Christopher White from Alberta started a facebook group.

It was the spark that Canada needed. In virtually no time at all, the group’s numbers swelled to nearly 200,000 politely commenting citizens.

Wishing everyone would just pipe down, Harper clings to the hope that Haiti will be enough of a diversion to save his political ass.

Meanwhile, Canadians are still outraged and committees have been formed! (along with sub-committees).

On January 23rd, 2010 in at least 40 cities across Canada, Canadians will to take it to the streets! (with permits in hand),(and without breaking any rules or seeming too offensive.)

We’re mad as hell and demanding action in the most Canadian way.

It’s a beautiful thing.

  1. I wonder if this well behaved crowd will have more courtesy then the usual left wing liberal minded socialist green people.
    Perhaps this time they will take the litter they have brought from Tim Horton’s away with them instead of leaving it for someone else to deal with.

  2. Just for Fun, I’ll agree with ya.

    ” Harper is a real jerk… he sucks.. he is uglier than the ugliest Liberal, has a funny Alberta Accent… I bet he eats Alberta Pot Roast… Worse he wants to represent Canada at the Olympics! What an Ass. He should stay in Ottawa and ignore one of the largest international events happening in Canada….. I bet he doesn’t like Tim Horton’s coffee, uses Canadian Flags for toilet paper, and secretly has a “USA” flag tattoo on his butt…. yeah.. he’s really American…and a redneck for sure…. Probably has a pick up truck and a gun rack… and chews tobacco.

    Now the Liberals in office are all very good looking, all pray to the Queen, never swear, and never break the law. They are all squeeky clean, never run a deficit, never raise taxes, never break a promise, never suspend Parliament… and gosh… they aren’t from Alberta…Whew! And they all support important public safety initiatives… like Banning firearms, while letting people smoke pot and drive vehicles… Safety first…. Yeah, Liberal Leader! What is his name again?

  3. Oh I think you missed the 2005 signing of the North American Unity deal which gave away the sovereignty of our nation. Not that we really ever had any sovereignty, being part of the Trans-Atlantic fascist alliance, under oligarchical rule of the Anglo/Dutch Imperial System.
    Eventually their strategy of regional genocide will come home to roost.

  4. yeah the liberals never stole 60 billion dollars from the EI fund and used it to prop up their budgets either. Man if they had done that then we would not have had the huge bucket of money laying around to help us deal with all the layoffs during a recession so that the government of the day would not have to take us into debt. Yup definately a good thing the Liberals would never do that.

  5. Great post today! And it’s spot on re Canadians’ over-politeness, or actual passivity – depending how far it goes. But the underground river of anger has at last been tapped. Let’s hope the momentum continues until we get rid of Stephen Harper, who does not represent Canada or Canadians in any way – but represents only Stephen Harper. All you have to do is look at his old speeches, as well as recent ones, to see what he thinks of the average Canadian. In addition, I know a whole number of Conservatives who are so disgusted with their party leader they will not vote for him again, saying that the New Conservative Party is not in any way aligned to traditional Conservative philosophy – but is actually a completely new animal that does not represent Canadian conservatives.
    Thanks for the blog!
    p.s. TO David of the 1st comment: Very few of the “usual left wing liberal minded socialist green people” will patronize Tim Horton’s. 😉

  6. Don’t forget the rallies in New York City, Dallas and London.

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