Heroin Snowball In Winnipeg?

In Uncategorized on January 14, 2010 at 6:07 pm

By “snowball”, the Free Press means that there has been a report that 20 winnipeggers have used heroin in the last year, either “regularly or sporadically”.

20 heroin users?? Wow. I guess it really must be time to freak out.

  1. I’m surprised Twy. You wrote about in a past blog. The removal of the buildings in the core area was not just for parking lots. It was so they officials could look out across the open plain and count the users as they shot up in alleys behind buildings they knew were there.

  2. Well speaking of Municipal issues. I have refereed to the clear-cut as you have in the core there.
    But you have not followed up. What is the direct relation of the clear-cut, to the CP rail yards.
    If that other crony was around Carey you could ask him about the boundary the railroad was granted at it’s inception. To me it seems that they are reclaiming there territory and expanding through the Point Douglas neighborhood. Any interest in doing a bit of research into it. The archives of Western Canada are located in the Hudson Bay Building and there is info on line.

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