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Surprise Left Hook From Ignatieff

In Canadian politics on January 6, 2010 at 7:19 pm

It seems like Santa was generous and brought Michael Ignatieff a big bag of guts for Christmas.

For his final performance of 2009, The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, blatantly spat in the eye of democracy and called the Governor General to request that Parliament be suspended until after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. By doing so, he has managed to make the proroguing of Parliament into a “routine” occurrence and prevented himself from being deposed for a second time!!!!!!!

barf barf barf

So, with the whole country outraged after Prime Minister Harper had the audacity to make that phone call, Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff made a few phone calls of his own yesterday.

According to the Toronto Star, Michael Ignatieff conferred with his 76 MPs (among others).

So now The Liberals, The NDP and The Bloc, have all agreed to ignore the bully and show up for work the day that Parliament was originally scheduled to resume. Hmmm, looks like everyone will be there except for Harper and his gang of Neo-Conservatives.

I for one am pointing my finger and saying, HA HA HA!

Mr. Ignatieff has made it clear that he has no intention of forming some sort of rogue Parliament (even though that would be perfectly understandable given the circumstances)
( Daddy said that it’s fitting for Ignatieff to be anti-rogue when Harper is so PRO-ROGUE! haha. get it?).
That would be rude and Canada, after all, is known for good manners.

Smacks of some Old Tymey Liberal Leadership to me.

In the meantime, Harper is stamping his feet because he doesn’t think it’s fair for the Liberals to hold an online contest challenging Canadians to come up with an automatic “out of office” reply for him while he’s away until March 3.

Try not to be so lame Stephen, contests are cool.

Maybe Harper will start to get the message that he answers to US and not the other way around. All this bullshit about not allowing his MPs to speak to the press, his mudslinging tactics and his refusal to answer questions has blown up in his face as it should.

He can’t just take his ball and go home because it’s not his ball; it’s ours.

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