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Stop Saying You Will Vote For This Man Because I Can’t Take It Anymore

In bitching, Canadian politics, Uncategorized on October 16, 2009 at 3:00 pm

Although I think that the most recent poll showing that the NeoCons hold 40% of the nation in the palm of their hand is wrong; I can’t help but stress about it because that’s what I was hoping the last 2 times this yahoo got elected.

Look, the guy is a great piano player and a great front man, but that doesn’t mean he should be running the country. I have had alot of experience in the music industry and I can tell you that the singer is usually the last guy that you want in charge of the gig money. Mick Jagger is the one and only exception to the rule and trust me when I say this, Stephen Harper is no Mick Jagger.

This country is being suckered! Look at his track record from just this week, he’s screwing us over completely and selling us out at the same time! Stop liking him and thinking he is cool! He isn’t! I don’t care if he let Rick Mercer have a sleepover at his house.

Steve-O says he never heard anything about the torture going on in Afghan prisons. Even though the information was given directly to him 4 years ago. Fine, maybe he just skimmed it and then no one really mentioned it again. That could be possible, sure he was probably distracted by the kids running amok or something. It happens. Torture is no big deal anyway, unless it’s you that is being tortured.

Here’s another piss off. Harper has decided that instead of pulling our troops out of Afghanistan in 2011, we’ll leave them there and just make it a civilian operation. Doesn’t that just sound like the cat’s ass? Maybe we can get Haliburton and Blackwater to help us out. Whatever happened to being cool and aloof when we get invited to these things?

A few years ago, Bush asked Harper if he could post a few soldiers in Fort MacMurray because it’s probably a target for those evildoers, and of course he said, “Sure!”. Luckily there’s no extra land in Fort Mac, so the American army has no place to pitch their tents.

Let’s not forget about the bribery and bullshit going on so blatantly, right here at home. The Conservatives have been handing out big fat tax money laden cheques to all their cronies. How come I only ever get that lousy hundred bucks a month? I don’t think I even got a GST check last time either. What the hell? Jerks.

Not only that, but the Harper government is under investigation by the ombudsman for patronage. Which for you newcomers, means that they have been handing out all the fancy jobs and government contracts to their nearest and dearest friends. Incidentally, they aren’t supposed to and if they do, they are supposed to make it look like they didn’t. Keep your backroom deals in the backroom please.

He’s trying to sign some stupid deal with America to sell them our resources (hydro and water), for some ridiculously low, set price that can never go up. We also have to keep supplying them even if we start to run out and don’t have enough for Canadians. Don’t forget that Buy American scam that Harper agreed to. As a result of that, Canadian companies like New Flyer and GM have had huge orders cancelled and employees are losing their jobs. So thanks.

Canada is down more than 57 billion dollars and it really looks like someone has run off with the take from the door.

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