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In bitching, Bullshit Winnipeg on October 6, 2009 at 4:53 pm

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So I guess everyone has forgotten how few fans were usually in attendance at the regular season Jets games. That’s really why they left town. The Jets felt unloved so they ran away. When I was growing up, in this very city, the common theme was how much the Jets sucked. You keep forgetting their record setting losing streak. They even lost their very last game! We didn’t buy tickets and that’s the bottom line. Yes, I know, you’re mad at me. “How can you say that?”

Just admit it, you “hardcore hockey fans” didn’t give a rat’s ass about the Jets until someone told you they were leaving. That’s when you all came out in droves with your pathetic whining and spare change.

Since the big move in 1996, Winnipeg has been begging for them to come back like a psycho ex-girlfriend. Well, here we go again with a new rumour about Toronto billionaire David Thomson possibly being involved in a scheme to buy the Atlanta Thrashers and move them to Winnipeg to be the new Jets.

Listen to me. Get ahold of yourselves. Try to maintain some semblance of dignity. This team won’t really be the Jets. At least not the Jets of your dreams. Remember “Pet Sematary”? Hawerchuk won’t be back and even if he is, he won’t really be the same.

Since Winnipeg is hell bent on raising the dead. Why don’t we bring Eaton’s back too? Or better yet, instead. Eaton’s was much more fun than the smelly old Jets anyway.

  1. The Jets I knew as a child were legendary. Bobby Hull, Anderes Hedberg and Olf Neilson to name a few…and since I left Winnipeg for greener pastures in 1989 I probably missed their pathetic years !

  2. There will be no stampede of fans to the counter at $150 to $300 per ticket in this city. As for merchandising anyone who goes will wear their old jets jersey to the games anyways. Corporate sponsorship, forget it. Most corporations are trying to simply stay alive in this economic climate (which will get worse, not better).

    We could not afford an NHL team before so anyone with half a brain will realize we really can’t afford them now.

    As a final nail in the coffin look at the regional composition of the people who came to Jets games. At least half of the people who went to the games were from rural areas. With the arena downtown you have lost at least half of that potential market.

    Add this to the excellent commentary above and you would have to be dumber than a box of rocks to believe resurrecting this dinosaur is a good idea.

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