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Dangerous Link Scares Prairie Housewife

In bitching, Canadian politics on September 30, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Imagine my surprise this morning when I checked my blog stats and discovered that all the recent hits were from some conservative website that had posted a link to my yesterday Ignatieff blog. Well, just so we’re all on the same page here, I haven’t jumped the fence quite yet.
It is almost too easy to poke fun at the guy who has single handedly kept the v-neck sweater industry afloat for the past 5 years. I probably didn’t have to surf the official Conservative website for material, but I did and came away fullfilled.

I guess the Harper camp got a little freaked out by Ignatieff’s intimidating credentials. Who can blame them? After all, Ignatieff is a well educated, successful cosmopolite (that means citizen of the world, for all you youngsters out there who haven’t read Damon Runyon).

In some sort of weak effort to compete, the Conservatives have come up with a bunch of choice bits about Harper being smart too and a really good Canadian. I couldn’t stop laughing. Seriously.

Let’s do a comparison:

So where Ignatieff is a scholar who has authored 17 books, Harper has “a large library of Hockey books” and is working on a Hockey Book of his own. Then they throw in a point about him having attended the Brier and being an avid curling fan. Who gives a shit about literature when you’ve got hockey? Curling fans have long been praised for their rational insight into foreign policy.

Ignatieff taught at several prominent universities and Harper was on “Reach For The Top”.

Ignatieff has been a well known BBC personality and had his own London based show for the CBC, and Harper (and I’m quoting here)(I swear to God, I am not making this up) Harper “had his own paper routes in Leaside and Etobicoke”.

Harper is a Blue Rodeo fan and has a Fleetwood Mac album on vinyl. He also (quoting again) “participates in karaoke”.

Who voted for this guy? I want names. Canadians, I am deeply ashamed of you. Sure, he sends us a hundred bucks every month, but is it worth it? He also turned 24 Sussex Dr. into a foster home for baby kitties. and I hate cats, especially my cats. The orange one, mainly.

  1. OMG that was good, Everything I have been thinking about Harper all in one beautifully crafted Rant.

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  5. Re:”Dangerous Link Scares Prairie Housewife”! I love it!! You forgot to add that he was on Reach for the Top when he was in High School! WeeHaww!

  6. Why is he playing with his supper?

  7. I am book marking your site.

    If nothing else cuz you put obscure literary references into your post and my reading list can always use addtions. Oh and, well, you made me laugh.

  8. Actually,I believe all of the great Canadian constitutional scholars have been HUGE curling fans, have they not? After all, the two are SO hand-in-glove,don’t You think ?(trying to maintain my poker face!)Thank You Twyla,for making my day,(I needed a good laugh rather badly).And Noreen,I think in order to follow through You would need to wait at the end of a rather long line.Might be prudent,(and just as fulfilling!),to get a handful of that roadkill on his head and perform a de-weave.Now that would be something that might have the potential to give Canadians of all political stripe a roaring good laugh!

  9. This is good stuff, I’m laughing my ass off here!

  10. TWY, you want names–“ROY” the last election! But guess what? He’s finally realized the Conservatives are bad news for all Canadians -let’s hope people like “ROY” wake up & say “enough is enough–let’s dump this party that has been found in contempt of parliment”!

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